Online Teaching Manager

ERP systems consolidates the information provided by various functional groups of the school, automation and manage schools activities and tasks, such as : student information, Student Assignment, fee, Events, Staf information, tranceport information and etc We are highly experienced in offering offshore software development and project management. System Integration & Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Client server application, E-commerce software development, Web application development. Enterprise resource planning or ERP systems are software systems that are used for operations planning, administration and for optimising internal business processes, including manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources, and warehouse management. A typical ERP software will integrates all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system. Visioneering Solutions specialises in ERP software development and develops high quality solutions for mid-size and big companies. Since ERP system is pretty complex software that should be deeply integrated in all business processes of an organisation, we work with a customised approach for every project, complete with a flexible, scalable architecture to deliver “full-function” ERP applications that are powerful, secure, reliable, easy-to-use and adaptable for both mobile and web simultaneously.

Features of Online Teaching Manager

  • Smart Attendance.
  • Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports..
  • Insightful Student Reports.
  • Personalised performance reports for all your students.
  • Fee Records.
  • Automatic reminders and receipts for instalments of students' due fees.
  • Create Online Courses.
  • Easily create your online courses and sell on your mobile app.
  • Secured Video Selling.
  • Forget worrying about content piracy on our secured platform.
  • Online Test.
  • Conduct your online tests powered with automatic checking and solutions..
  • Class Management.
  • Forget tons of paperwork and manage your institute completely digitally.